Sunday, October 12, 2008

Josh's New Squeeze...WHO IS SHE??

Hollywood is actually ablaze with gossip about Josh Flitter. This past week he's been cavorting about town in usual JF style; a 40-Ouncer in one hand, shotgun on his back, out of his mind on Lucky Charms, generally being a Hollywood bad-boy and getting in a few rounds of strip-miniature golf with Gary Busey. 

But what's really got people talking is Josh's company, a mystery girl always by his side, holding his bottle, holding his strap, and holding his jockstrap after Gary sinks a birdie at the Windmill hole. Flitter Freaks' sources in LA managed to smuggle us an exclusive snap of Josh with this new "girl" after they caught an early morning session of Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Now I'm not one to stand in the way of Josh's happiness, indeed, when I crashed the set of Nancy Drew I swiftly moved to the left of the breakfast buffet as Josh arrived on set. But I'm just a concerned fan voicing my concern at the somewhat concerning union of these two. She's much taller than him after all. And you know what they say about tall girls...they're hard to shop for. I've only got Flitzy's best interests at heart. Don't you ever break his heart nameless girl. I will crush you.

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Hallie be nice to my kid