Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flitter: Hero or Villain?

Many Flitter Freaks out there have been ringing and writing in to this humble blog with confused hearts. They've just seen this frankly disturbing image of Flitter kicking what appears to be an infant in the head.
Here's a sample email from our dear reader Bernice (aka Flitter Freak #31).
"Hi Head Freak,

I woke up today with Josh on the brain. He was the first thing I saw (since I've just mounted that JF blow-up glamour shot on my bedroom roof), he was the first thing I touched (Josh Flitter Ltd Edition hair brush - with pure camel hair), and he was the first thing I ate (I'm still holding onto those cartons of discontinued JF's cereal 'Flitter-Os'). But I was shocked to see this image pop up in my inbox this morning! What does it mean? Did Josh really kick a baby? What's happened to my hero?

Help me.

Flitter Freak #31"
I don't blame Bernice for her frantic mood, this was a difficult image to look at. But thankfully I have good news! For all of us out there who model ourselves on Josh Flitter we need not start pummelling every baby we see, no, apparently it was a doll. Phew! Allegedly, Josh got a bad vibe from the doll on the set of License To Wed, this was confirmed when Flitterelli then saw the aforementioned 'doll' staring, wide-eyed at the buffet table specifically reserved for our hungry hunk. Bitch deserved it.

Rest easy guys, our Josh is still a hero.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poll! What Poorly Considered Jim Carrey Sequel Should Flitter Star In Next?

It's time to have your say all you Flitter-Freaky dudes and dudes pretending to be chicks on MSN out there! What with the success of Ace Ventura Jr (AVJ) already sweeping the box office - this baby's not even out yet and already the midnight screening tix have sold out in Kuwait! - the question has arisen of which Jim Carrey film from the '90s should be remade/sequelized next (obviously starring our heavy-set hombre Josh Flitter, duh!).

See the options - complete with probably synopsis' - below and then get voting!!

A) The Cable Kid

Flitter steps into Jim Carrey's sizeable overalls as a portly Cable installing prodigy! He'll install the Food Network in your place and then slip into a diabetic coma on your couch. Woah.

B) Liar Liar 2: Liar Liar Liar Liar

With his pa in the pen for purgery (possible tag line?) Josh Flitter continues his father's legacy as a lawyer that can't lie. He can't lie about his age, his height, or shopping at Big & Not So Tall. Hilarity.

C) The Truman Capote Show

Get this, it's the Truman Show meets Capote! Flitter plays Truman Capote, who on the success of his award-winning book In Cold Blood buys a tropical island for himself (they were heaps cheap back then, you know). The only problem is that the island is from the future! And it's inhabitated by the cast of Lost! And is being filmed for a primetime reality show! How will these two tribes live side by side? If ruining one film wasn't enough to make you weep like you just killed a puppy, then how about dephiling TWO films!?

D) Other

Josh Flitter plays Jim Carrey's _____ , but this time he has to ____ and throughout a ____ poops on him. I smell a winner.

Get voting!!

Reason #152 Why Flitter Is Like The Best Person In The World

Reason #152 Why Flitter Is Like The Best Person In The World: He sticks with his bros!

News has just come in that Josh Flitter's old acting buddy, Shia LaBeuof has been involved in a rather serious car accident. Obviously these are testing times for our main squeeze, the Flitz, as he and his pal Shia had something of a 'Bromance'. Nothing suss, because we've learnt from endless reports that Josh is something of a ladykiller, but Shia and Josh are incredibly tight.

Josh's representation issued this statement about the unfortunate events.

"Josh is just devestated to hear of Shia's accident. Of course Flitterelli
warned Shia about the dangers of alcohol because Josh himself has faced his own
vice-demons in the past, specifically, his addiction to weight gain powder. Dark
times. But Shia was there through Josh's pain and the bouts of abuse, and
likewise Josh will be there to nurse Shia through this. Shia will need the
tender embrace and soft teet he has found in JF, and we all know that Josh is
caring and, if nothing else, STACKED."

Our prayers are with these two bosom buddies.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ace Senior Is Back

Clearly Jim Carrey has taken a leaf out of Josh Flitter's book and is now starring in a quasi-remake/sequel/spin-off of one of his former highlights, this one being Liar Liar. Jim's signed on for the new laugh rollercoaster, Yes Man. Get this, Jim Carrey says Yes to everything! Funny stuff right? I fear for whoever is brave enough to ask Jim if he thought the Majestic was self-indulgent. Awkward.

Drawing it back to Flitter, I've heard that our hunk of chunk Josh Flitter has already jumped at the script for a sequel for Yes Man, which transplants the lolz to Compton for a fish-out-of-water comedy caper, where JF plays a young kid whose family moves to a more urban setting. It's called Yeh Boi! Here's some sample dialogue.

Ghetto Kid #24: "Fool, u lo0kyn at my woman?"
Josh Flitter: "Yes."
GK24: "Watt the hell bitch? You wan' this ol' dog to bust yo' ass up with my bag o' roxx?"
JF: "Yes."


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flitter Freaks Q&A #1: Is Flitter Single?

Since launching Flitter Freaks, I've been inundated with a slew of fresh Freaks crawling out of the wood work to learn more about our well rounded prince, Josh Flitter. And one thing that I'm eventually asked is whether or not Josh Flitter is single. While I can't give a 100% confirmed answer to this burning question, I've got a hunch that the answer is PROBABLY.

There've been plenty of chicas knocking at JF's front and/or back door requesting some hot lovin' from this plus-sized casanova, that's certainly true. Much like those other Hollywood hunks Flitter is lumped in with (see: Hartnet, Pitt, Clooney, Akroyd), Josh has had his fair share of rumoured romances with starlets. First up was Emma Roberts who Josh hooked up with on the set of Nancy Drew. Things reportedly heated up between Roberts and our portly hero, the two forming a tight bond on the shoot. Want proof? Look no further non believer. This was an outtake where Josh fell down and was unable to stand up by himself, Emma came rushing to his side, concerned for her new stud.

Then the Flitter Bomb went head long into his next conquest, Mandy Moore. This rumoured relationship took place on the comedy smash License To Wed. Sources remain tight lipped about the steamy couple, but no one could deny the obvious chemistry as the pair shared a family bucket of original recipe chicken.

Yet both flames dwindled quite quickly and Josh is likely still taking up considerable space on the singles market. Who knows if our Flitter will ever find true love, but if there are any ladies out there who like what they see and want to ride the Flitter Express then take this tip and start familiarising yourselves with his core interests. Josh likes escelators, lifts, wheels of cheese, the kids works at Pizza Hut and those stupid shoes with the wheels in them.

What a catch.

AVJ Update! New Edition

The Flitter goodness keeps rolling in folks, one of my sources on the set of Ace Ventura Junior has managed to obtain a copy of the teaser poster for AVJ and snuck me out this scan. Looks hot right? Check out those milky white legs. All Flitter.

I think the poster succeeds in forecasting everything that we expect (and want!) in AVJ, that being burping/farting, hawaiian shirts, novelty slippers and a torso-less Josh Flitter. OMG who's excited???

Monday, July 21, 2008

Are You A Flitter Freak?

I know I am. And thankfully the Flitter gospel is spreading faster than that crazy monkey virus in Outbreak (is it just me or would Josh be perfect for an ill-considered comedy sequel?? Spring Outbreak, anyone?).

I think all Flitter Freaks out there should speak up. Leave a love note to JF in the comments, "Hi, my name is Blake McGlutzky* and I am a Flitter Freak." Shia LaBeouf is a recently outed Flitter Freak as we discovered with this candid image. Two titans of Young Hollywood collide!

Confess your Freak!

*Fake name

Breaking News! Josh Waddles!

My sources on the set of Ace Ventura 3: Ace Ventura Junior, or as it's known on the street AVJ, have just sent through a tasty behind the scenes look at AVJ and it's star, our hero, Josh Flitter. Yes the video is short, but it is sweet because it affords all the fans out there a glimpse of Joshy running/waddling on the set. We're still unsure if he was late for a shoot or just making a spirited dash to catering. The complexities of this young prodigy still baffle me. One day Flitter. One day.

Watch it on YouTube.


The Many Moods Of Josh Flitter

Josh Flitter: A masterclass in light and shade. Take that Marlon Brando, you could never pull off Flitter's myriad of looks!

[Well Chuffed]

[Second Coming Of The Fonz]

[OMG! Double Frosting!!]

[Blue Steel]

[Yeah I promise I'll make you famous baby...]

Allllllriiighty Then....

Some people say that Josh Flitter is a lousy child actor. Those people need to have their head jelly examineded. He's no child. He's a man. He's a man with big man tits, a big man heart and a big man irregular heart beat. I liken him to a young Danny De Vito actually. So yeah, he'll probably be in a remake of Junior in about ten years. Shwing.

But for now we're all waiting with baited breath to see how he resurrects the Ace Ventura franchise in the upcoming sure-fire smash Ace Ventura Jr. People are yapping about Heath Ledger's turn as the Joker. Pfft. I'm expecting nothing short of a transformative tour-de-force when our chunderous beau, Josh Flitter, dons that famous quiff and Hawaiian shirt.