Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reason #152 Why Flitter Is Like The Best Person In The World

Reason #152 Why Flitter Is Like The Best Person In The World: He sticks with his bros!

News has just come in that Josh Flitter's old acting buddy, Shia LaBeuof has been involved in a rather serious car accident. Obviously these are testing times for our main squeeze, the Flitz, as he and his pal Shia had something of a 'Bromance'. Nothing suss, because we've learnt from endless reports that Josh is something of a ladykiller, but Shia and Josh are incredibly tight.

Josh's representation issued this statement about the unfortunate events.

"Josh is just devestated to hear of Shia's accident. Of course Flitterelli
warned Shia about the dangers of alcohol because Josh himself has faced his own
vice-demons in the past, specifically, his addiction to weight gain powder. Dark
times. But Shia was there through Josh's pain and the bouts of abuse, and
likewise Josh will be there to nurse Shia through this. Shia will need the
tender embrace and soft teet he has found in JF, and we all know that Josh is
caring and, if nothing else, STACKED."

Our prayers are with these two bosom buddies.

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