Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ace Senior Is Back

Clearly Jim Carrey has taken a leaf out of Josh Flitter's book and is now starring in a quasi-remake/sequel/spin-off of one of his former highlights, this one being Liar Liar. Jim's signed on for the new laugh rollercoaster, Yes Man. Get this, Jim Carrey says Yes to everything! Funny stuff right? I fear for whoever is brave enough to ask Jim if he thought the Majestic was self-indulgent. Awkward.

Drawing it back to Flitter, I've heard that our hunk of chunk Josh Flitter has already jumped at the script for a sequel for Yes Man, which transplants the lolz to Compton for a fish-out-of-water comedy caper, where JF plays a young kid whose family moves to a more urban setting. It's called Yeh Boi! Here's some sample dialogue.

Ghetto Kid #24: "Fool, u lo0kyn at my woman?"
Josh Flitter: "Yes."
GK24: "Watt the hell bitch? You wan' this ol' dog to bust yo' ass up with my bag o' roxx?"
JF: "Yes."


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