Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flitter: Hero or Villain?

Many Flitter Freaks out there have been ringing and writing in to this humble blog with confused hearts. They've just seen this frankly disturbing image of Flitter kicking what appears to be an infant in the head.
Here's a sample email from our dear reader Bernice (aka Flitter Freak #31).
"Hi Head Freak,

I woke up today with Josh on the brain. He was the first thing I saw (since I've just mounted that JF blow-up glamour shot on my bedroom roof), he was the first thing I touched (Josh Flitter Ltd Edition hair brush - with pure camel hair), and he was the first thing I ate (I'm still holding onto those cartons of discontinued JF's cereal 'Flitter-Os'). But I was shocked to see this image pop up in my inbox this morning! What does it mean? Did Josh really kick a baby? What's happened to my hero?

Help me.

Flitter Freak #31"
I don't blame Bernice for her frantic mood, this was a difficult image to look at. But thankfully I have good news! For all of us out there who model ourselves on Josh Flitter we need not start pummelling every baby we see, no, apparently it was a doll. Phew! Allegedly, Josh got a bad vibe from the doll on the set of License To Wed, this was confirmed when Flitterelli then saw the aforementioned 'doll' staring, wide-eyed at the buffet table specifically reserved for our hungry hunk. Bitch deserved it.

Rest easy guys, our Josh is still a hero.

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yourknee said...

I'm just surprised he can lift his leg that high.