Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ace Rides Again!

Ladies, gentlemen, Flitter-lovers all. I apologise from the depths of my soul for the lack of activity on this site. I know you've hungered for more JF-lovin', as we all have these past moons, but I am back to assure you that the drought is over. OVAH! Ace Ventura 3 (AVJ) is upon us. We all felt the sting when we found out that it wasn't hitting theatres, and then other blow when it missed out on any Oscar noms, but there is good news, the DVD will be out March 3rd, and in a deluxe, double disc package no less. Who knows what kind of Flitter-branded treasures we'll find on the bonus disc! Perhaps a sing-along-with-Ace featurette! I'm hankering to see the long lost footage of Josh's audition where he reportedly stripped naked and wrestled a shetland pony in mud, thinking this would secure the role for Jim Carrey's spawn. I've got insiders at the DVD pressing factory in New Mexico which Warner Bros. shares with Low Ball's Beef And Yak Scraps n' Offcuts Emporium who will hopefully get me a copy of the DVD asap. More when we have it.

Keep the faith,

Dave (Head Freak)


Anonymous said...

You've probably looked into this in greater depth than you pretend on Dool's show but regardless
International theatrical distributor. They even have a "Ace Ventura Jr coming soon" ad.

Good luck.

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Anonymous said...

interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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