Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!!

OMGZ! Didn't you hear? It was Josh's birthday on Monday! Sorry I didn't blog it then, y'all. I was camped out by the phone in case Flitterelli decided to call me for a chat. And Tuesday I was in hospital for bladder spasms as a result of not leaving my post next to the Flitter Fone.

Anyway, if you've got any birthday messages for JF, send them through! I'll be passing them along to him when I do my weekly post to him. Last week I sent him a roasted boar. I bet he luvvvved it! HEE HEH!

Happy Birthday you little sack of sugar! I made you a card.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Josh. I can't wait to see you playing Indiana Jones' portly nephew in Indiana Jones and the Disappointing Family!!

Anonymous said...

You rock Josh. Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed eating your pancakes, and i truly hope that you got a side of Dragon Eggs with it for your Birthday.

Recap That! said...

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Remember; no drugs OR hugs. They both lead to problems.


The Jesus said...

Happy Birthday, Josh!
15 already?!

It's looking like I don't have much longer to wait!


B MOVIE NEWS said...

Happy Birthday Josh-a-mondo! May all your t-shirt be Hawaiian.

Happy Camp said...

My Bits itch Dawg!