Monday, September 1, 2008

What Should Josh Do Next?

Hey guys,

It's come to my attn that Josh is regretting his role in Ace Ventura 3: Ace Ventura Jr. I know we're sad about this and concerned about Flitty's mental state, so I figured I'd take it up with all da Freaks out there. What should Josh do next? We gotta get him out of this funk, y'all.

So direct your eyes to the poll across the way and get voting on Josh's next project. Would you like to see JF do King Ralph II? Or maybe a Brokeback sequel with Josh as a chunky farm-hand who feels funny in the pants when his cousin Brody shears sheep in the buff. Script is in the works...


Tanaqui said...

At first I was going to just comment out of pity. I mean, zero comments to this labour of love? That's got to hurt.

But then I read on, and disovered, like Columbus and America, really discovered the Man, the Myth, the LEGEND, that is Josh Flitter.

The cheeky cherub who stole my heart in Licence To Wed, finally with a corner of the interweb to call his own.

I salute you Head Freak.
Oh Captain, my Captain.

B MOVIE NEWS said...

Of course he has having second thoughts. To make true art you have to push yourself to the point of self doubt! It happen to all the greats: Warhol, Herzog, Van Gogh! Heck I'm sure Kristy Swanson (aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer) had second thought about making Mannequin 2! The things all these people have in common is there art DID pay off and there work will be remembered forever! I'm sure it will past.

Anonymous said...

Josh Flitter should star as Eric Cartman in real life verison movie of South Park.