Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breaking News! New AVJ On Set Pix

Oh boy oh boy! Our little hefty heartthrob, Josh Flitter, has struck again. This time taking out my jaw, which has just smashed to pieces on the floor as I pour over these new snaps from behind the scenes of Ace Ventura Junior. Gaze in awe people!

That's some vintage Flitter right there. So smooth. So pale. So good.

I can only speculate as to whether this is Ace Ventura Senior Senior or an unidentified geriatric to be harvested for Josh's catering requirements. Mmm, tastes Soylent Greeny!

Those piercing green eyes, that creepy, tattered 'Ace Wave', definitely a Ventura progeny. It certainly brings into question how literally Ace Snr. heard his 'Call Of The Wild'. You were thinking it.

So y'all wanna do a midnight camp out in front of Chatswood Blockbuster come January '09?

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